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Multipurpose insulated Alligator Clips and accessories.


The benefits of using Nico Clips

  • They insulate because they are metal to plastic, not metal to metal
  • The clips are stainless steel, giving protection from erosion and rust!
  • The strength is in the jaw as opposed to the body, thus less likely to break
  • The spring is forward facing
  • Easy wire attachment allowing easy termination
  • Wires are secured on the clip

Possible applications and uses for Nico Clips are

  • Electric fence units
  • Solar chargers
  • Battery chargers
  • Test clips
  • Work lights

International Patents

UK patent 2227615
Australia patent 617873
USA patent 4932905
NZ patent 226409

Standard Insulated Alligator Clip by NICO

GST Included
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